Door to Door Sex C.J. Edwards


Published: September 14th 2013



Door to Door Sex  by  C.J.   Edwards

Door to Door Sex by C.J. Edwards
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In Door to door Sex, we are introduced to ex-soldier Jeff. Just out of his training course, he hits the streets to discover life is just peachy in civvy street. On his very first day, Jeff is seduced by an older but very sexy lady who learns to submit to his strong and masterful touch. Explicit and erotic with scenes of BDSM, oral and anal, do not read if you are easily offended or under-age.Extract:Cyn reached over to shut the laptop with a click and put it on the floor. “I’ll buy whatever you think we should have,” she said, easing onto the floor between his legs.

“That gives us about fifty six minutes to kill. Any ideas of how you would like to spend the time?” She asked the question in her huskiest voice, reinforcing her message by running her hands lightly up Jeff’s thighs.Jeff said nothing but watched as the sexy housewife unzipped his fly and casually reached inside for him. He had joined the army to get laid and after ten years in his job it hadn’t so much as loosened a bra for him. Now he was half a day in to being a salesman and he didn’t even have to lift a hand.

The sex was coming to him.

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